Tool: Update

Tool: Update

Adam Jones hat für Guitar World einige Fragen von Fans ausführlich beantwortet und verraten, dass wir uns noch auf Musikvideos (Mehrzahl!) zu „10,000 Days“ freuen dürfen!! Auf die Frage, warum es zu der Scheibe keine Knüller-Videos gibt, er hätte für die vorherigen Alben so großartige Clips abgeliefert, antwortete er:

There are, we just haven’t finished them yet. We ran into a really big snag because the first video is all CGI [computer-generated imaging] and we had some vicious production problems. The company we started with kinda screwed us, but luckily my friend’s company is bailing us out. Since he’s helping us, they can only work on it when their schedule is clear. But it’s gonna be great. When I go home, practically all my time is spent on it.

I thought the CGI process would be a lot easier than physically filming something, which is what we’ve always done in the past. But it’s actually a lot harder to get action down and get it moving and looking right. Plus, you can say, “The character has 15 eye lashes. Can he have 16?” You can get super picky. So at some point you have to shoot for 100 percent and try to get 70. We’re also doing pre-production on the second video, which will be all stop-motion.

Das wär ja der Hammer!! Zieht euch schon mal „Sober“ rein!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hglVqACd1C8]